Fabrication of custom sheet metal

by Tenral Metal Stamping

Fabricating sheet metal is a valuable prototyping and production method for making rugged functional parts such as panels, brackets, and enclosures. Unlike other manufacturing techniques, sheet metal fabrication involves many different processes, all of which manipulate the sheet metal in different ways. Among these different processes are cutting, forming, and joining metal pieces.

Tenral provides comprehensive and customized sheet metal processing services using all types of production equipment. Whether you need simple parts or complex assembly products, Tenral is the best metal stamping manufacturer and supplier.

In metal stamping and sheet metal manufacturing, precision parts can be produced from a variety of metal materials. Metals are needed in a variety of industries for a variety of reasons. The shipbuilding and plumbing industries require stainless steel or galvanized steel; the lighting industry requires aluminum alloys. Whatever the type of material, we can complete it perfectly according to your specifications.