Service of metal stamping

by Tenral Metal Stamping

As a metal stamping parts manufacturer in China, Tenral produces simple and complex metal parts in accordance with ISO9001 quality standards. There are hydraulic presses with a capacity of 80 tons to 200 tons and presses with a capacity of 32 tons to 150 tons. According to the product quantity, characteristics, thickness, and customer requirements, we develop stamping solutions.

By manufacturing our stamping dies in-house, we are able to develop the best stamping solution for our customers. Most stamping dies are made of tool steel, which is hard enough to cut most other types of metals while maintaining the tolerances. Besides sheet metal fabrication tools, welding jigs are also made in this workshop.

Cold rolled steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, copper, and more are among the metal stamping materials we produce. Each industry has its own needs for metals. The marine and plumbing industries require stainless or galvanized steel; the lighting industry requires aluminum alloys. We can work with any material according to your specifications.