Adjustable Dog Wheelchairs for Back Legs Paralyzed Dog

by Crawlpaw Pet Products Company

Within a certain range, a dog wheelchair can be adjusted to fit your pet.
Fully adjustable seat belts provide the best comfort while maintaining stability.
This wheelchair allows dogs with restricted or immobile hind legs to walk and run like normal young adults.
Before purchasing, please refer to the size chart.


Adjustable Dog Wheelchairs for Paralyzed Dogs

Wheelchairs for dogs are part of the product category

Alloy: Aluminum

Breeds suitable for this product: small to medium dogs

Dog wheelchairs are ideal for scenes where pets need assistance due to injury, surgery, illness, or advancing age.


HEART-WARMING DESIGN: This pet wheelchair helps pets with leg diseases walk, run, and play freely, making it easier for them to return to their normal lives. Within a certain range, the height, width, and length of this dog wheelchair can be adjusted to suit your pet.

COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE: The aluminum frame of this wheelchair is lightweight, durable, and easy to operate. Providing the best comfort is the fully adjustable seat belt. The dog walks easily on EVA shock-absorbing foam tires.

Our wheelchairs are easy to disassemble and assemble, so you can do it yourself. Two-wheeled wheelchairs are only suitable for pets with hind leg disabilities. Their hind legs can be raised. Our wheelchair will help him walk if he can walk on his front legs.

The wheelchair suitable for dogs with restricted or inactive hind legs is specially designed, allowing them to walk and run like normal young adults.

A FRIENDLY TIP: Please measure your dog before purchasing. Our pets are part of our family. Please do not give up if they are disabled. There is a possibility that they can live a second life with a wheel chair. Wishing your pet a speedy recovery!