Dog Wheelchairs for Dog Hind Legs Weak Paralyzed

by Crawlpaw Pet Products Company

A cart handle that pushes your pet and gives them a normal life.
Eva foamed wheels are shock-absorbing, wear-resistant, and can handle different road conditions.
The reflective strip design provides excellent visibility at night.
Measure carefully before purchasing based on the size chart.


The product name is: Dog Wheelchairs for Dogs with Weak Paralyzed Hind Legs

Wheelchairs for dogs are part of the product category

Alloy: Aluminum

Breeds Ideal: Small to Medium Dogs

Dog wheelchairs enable pets to regain freedom and mobility due to injury, surgery, illness, and aging.

Features of the product

Push rod that can be detached
This small pet wheelchair features a detachable push rod at the back, allowing the owner to assist the pet in walking and recovering. It is possible to remove the push rod when the pet is able to use the wheelchair independently.

Design that is adjustable
This dog wheelchair is adjustable, so it can be tailored to your dog’s size and changing health needs. Additionally, the height, length, and width of this dog wheelchair can all be adjusted to ensure your pet remains comfortable and flexible throughout its lifetime.

High-quality products
Aerospace aluminum is used for this wheelchair, which is safe and durable due to its anti-corrosion and oxidation treatment. Wearing this wheelchair allows pets to walk easily without affecting their urination or defecation.

It is easy to carry
While traveling or for easy storage when not in use, our dog wheelchair folds flat, making it easy to fit into the car.

Design of the straps
Pets’ spines are better protected by this wheelchair’s all-round strap design, which is comfortable and soft.