Dog Wheelchairs for Dog Back Legs Disability

by Crawlpaw Pet Products Company

Boost your dog’s energy and confidence by getting him running again.
Height and width can be easily adjusted to fit your dog’s size.
It is easy to assemble and carry, light and strong.
Before purchasing, please refer to the size chart.


Dog Wheelchairs for Dogs with Back Leg Disabilities

Wheelchairs for dogs are part of the product category

The material is aluminum alloy

Breeds suitable: Small to medium dogs

A dog wheelchair can help pets regain freedom and mobility following injury, surgery, illness or advanced age.

Features of the product

The two-wheel wheelchair is designed for pets with hind leg disabilities. You can raise the hind leg, if it can walk, use its forelegs, and the wheelchair will assist it.

Knob installation is simplified with a removable socket design. Your pet will feel more comfortable and stable with our abdominal support design.

We provide optimal comfort and mobility with our wheelchair’s durable, light weight aluminum frame and adjustable harnesses.

The height and length of the dog wheelchair can be easily adjusted based on the size and shape of your dog. It comes with a dog leash that you can use when walking your dog.

You dogs can move fast with light weight and durable PVC foam wheels.