Dog Wheelchairs for Dog Leg Paralyzed Weakness

by Crawlpaw Pet Products Company

It has four wheels, the front and rear wheels can be removed, it is lightweight and strong, and it is easy to carry.
As soon as it is assembled, it can be adjusted according to the size of the pet without disassembling it.
Accessories such as wrist straps are buckled for ease of installation.
Before purchasing, please refer to the size chart.


Wheelchairs for dogs with paralyzed legs

Dog Wheelchairs are a product category

Alloy: Aluminum

Breeds: Small to medium dogs

A dog wheelchair is ideal for scenes where pets are unable to move due to injury, surgery, illness, or advancing age.

Features of the product

Aluminium frame can guarantee the overall strength of the wheelchair. The straps are soft, won’t hurt pets, and can be adjusted for optimal comfort and mobility.

With our dog wheelchairs, you can easily adjust the height and length to fit the shape of your dog.

Assembling the whole product is easy, it can be installed yourself, and the foldable design makes it easier to transport.

It is very convenient to hang the tow rope on the buckle to avoid losing pets.

Your dogs will be able to move fast thanks to the light weight and durable PVC foam wheels.

Before purchasing, please check the size chart carefully.