Best 5 Motorized Electric Surfboard Reviews

Best 5 Motorized Electric Surfboard Reviews 2023 Update

By motorizing your board and propelling you through the water, an electric surfboard or jet board can be used on virtually any body of water. Regardless of flatwater conditions, jet boards offer one of the coolest and most adrenaline-fueled water sports experiences.

Even in some of the best surf spots in the world with perfect breaking waves, your surfing experience is heavily influenced by weather and sea conditions. Surfboards that are powered by electricity are not suitable.

Lightweight, fast, and long ride times are the best characteristics of the best electric surfboards. As with jet skis, most boards are propelled by a propeller and some use hydrofoils to lift them above the water, such as the Lift eFoil. Jet boards can be customized in a variety of ways and are portable.

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Awake RAVIK 3 & RAVIK S Motorized Electric Surfboard

In the world of watersports, Awake’s RAVIK electric surfboard is by far the coolest. Awake’s HQ in Stockholm, Sweden gave us the opportunity to test out both the RAVIK 3 and RAVIK S.

Surfing with the RAVIK boards is incredibly fun, no matter what the wave. In comparison with other electric watersports products, the batteries last relatively long.

RAVIK boards had excellent reviews, so we wondered if they would live up to them. To find out just how good these boards are, we decided to test them out for ourselves. As well as testing speeds, batteries, and specs, we had a lot of fun. 

Specs & Features

  • Engine Power: 11kW
  • Dimensions: 70.5” x 24” x 7.5”
  • Max Speed: 35 mph (58 kph)
  • Acceleration: 0-30 mph in 4 seconds
  • Weight Incl. Battery: 88 lbs (40 kg)
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Radinn Freeride Motorized Electric Surfboard

Radinn’s Freeride is a beautifully crafted and ergonomically designed electric surfboard that makes use of the latest technology. With this board, you can even get real-time information about your battery usage and speed through your phone.

A G3 jet is used in the Radinn Freeride to help you glide smoothly across the water. Beginners will find it easy to use because of its ergonomic design and improved stability. Radinn offers three different boards, each with different characteristics that allow you to customize your dream board to your exact specifications.

Specs & Features

  • Max Speed: 40km/h
  • Engine Power: 12kw
  • Weight Incl. Battery: 44kg
  • Ride Time: 25-45min
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Radinn Carve Motorized Electric Surfboard

There is a growing interest in electric surfboards. Its design and–most importantly–the feeling of carving through the water make the Radinn Carve stand out from the rest.

It draws inspiration from Radinn’s Freeride, but is shorter and more playful. Riders can even try some 180-spins and jumping over wakes with optional foot straps.

For beginners who have a bit of board sports experience and want to ride some gnarly terrain for a day or two, the Carve is a wonderful choice.

More advanced jet board riders may find longer, more stable boards too constrained once they get the hang of it. For more fun and tricks, remove the fins!

A well-thought-out platform makes Radinn’s platform a pleasure to ride, leaving care, transport, and charging to Radinn. Although electric surfboards are always bulky and heavy due to their length and battery, the Carve has one of the best systems we’ve seen.

Specs & Features

  • Ride Time: 25-45min
  • Max Speed: 32 mph/ 52 km
  • Weight Incl. Battery: 106 lbs
  • Dimensions: 70 x 24.8 inches
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Lift eFoil 5’6” Motorized Electric Surfboard

Lift’s eFoil 5’6″ Cruiser is different from the previous boards on this list because it is motorized and has a carbon fiber propeller. Besides delivering exceptional performance, it also provides the rider with a high level of maneuverability and stability.

Surfing above the surface is more difficult to master at first, but it provides a smoother ride in choppy conditions.

This e-foil surfboard is well constructed and suitable for all levels and conditions of water. This board offers a great riding experience because it is durable and stable. The core is thick, high-density, and hard-wearing, making it sturdy and buoyant. Featuring a battery that can last up to one hour, this electric surfboard is one of the fastest on the market.

Lift Foils have been supplying electric surfboards for more than 10 years with excellent quality, durability, and reliability. As a result, this brand has a competitive advantage over their competitors with regards to aesthetics, weight and feel.

Specs & Features

  • Max Speed: 56km/h
  • Engine Power: 14kw
  • Weight Incl. Battery: 60kg
  • Ride Time: 20-40min
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Seafly Motorized Electric Surfboard

With its powerful electric motor and impressive handling, the Jetsurf Electric is an excellent electric board. Depending on your style and preferences, this electric surfboard comes in a variety of colors and models. As well as being relatively lightweight, the Seafly Electric Surfboard is also really portable and maneuverable.

With its electric motor and powerful battery, the Seafly Electric offers a solid 35 minutes of ride time. An embedded button on the steering cable and handle of this electric surfboard allows you to boost the power and enjoy higher levels of speed.

In addition, the board features dual foot bindings that enhance your comfort on the board. Due to its versatility of use, Seafly Electric is by far one of the best electric surfboard models on this list.

Specs & Features

  • Max Speed: 50km/h
  • Engine Power: 14kw
  • Weight Incl. Battery: 33kg
  • Ride Time: 35min

Here is a guide to electric surfboards

The market for motorized surfboards is growing as batteries become more compact and technologies adapt to consumer demands. Electric surfboards, which work like jet skis, have motors built into them that push water to the back, and hydrofoils, which have a propeller mounted on a blade with wings to create lift.

It is worth considering whether you want a motorized board that can also be used as a body board when comparing hydrofoil vs electric surfboards. The performance of hydrofoil boards in this role may not be as good as you might expect.

A smooth ride is provided by electric hydrofoils, such as the Lift eFoil.

With varying degrees of performance, both types of jet boards can also be used to surf like traditional surf boards. The popularity of hydrofoil surfing is increasing as videos demonstrate how smooth and relaxed a session can be–even on waves that don’t curl.

There are also electric SUP boards, which aren’t as fast or flashy as other boards. In addition to helping weaker paddlers, motorized paddle boards offer leisure activities. However, there isn’t much surfing involved.

Charging and batteries

Make sure you keep in mind charging time and battery life based on whether you are going to use your electric surfboard from a boat or on the beach. As long as you get a chance to try a jet board, you’ll have a great time.

In addition, be sure to rinse your board to remove any sand or salt from the ocean. The pricey piece of equipment will definitely last longer if you do this.

Equipment for surfing

Surfing can be a very different experience depending on the weather and terrain where you are. Check out wetsuits and water shoes if you’re interested in surfing.