Orifice Plate Flow Meter


Orifice Plate Flow meter Advantages

Below are the advantages of using orifice plate flow meter:

  • 1. The Orifice is easy to install and remove.
  • 2. Reliable and efficient for long term use.
  • 3. Cheaper than other types of flow meters.
  • 4. Simple in construction.
  • 5. Easy to maintain.
  • 6. Measures wide range of flow rates and have wide application

Orifice Plate Flow Meter

An orifice plate flow meter is a device with a hole in it, which is used to measure volume flow rate, restrict flow, or reduce pressure. It is capable of measuring clean liquid, gas, and stream flow. Known for its economic flow measurement solution on larger line sizes, it is compatible with any pipe diameter.

Orifice Plate Flow Meter Working Principle

By using Bernoulli’s principle, which acknowledges the relationship between pressure and velocity of a fluid, an orifice meter determines a gas or liquid flow rate. By installing the device in the flow pathway, the fluid can pass through it. As a pressure drop occurs between the inlet and outlet section of the device, the magnitude of the drop will be used to calculate the flow rate. The concept is similar to that of a venturi meter.

Orifice Plate flow meter types

  • Square-edge, concentric orifice plate flow meters
  • Square –edge, eccentric orifice plate flow meters
  • Square-edge, segmental orifice plate flow meter
  • Quadrant Radius Orifice Plate flow meter

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