Flanged Vortex flow meter with compensation



✔ Integral temperature and pressure compensation
✔ Multi-parameters can be gotten by one vortex sensor: fluids temperature, and pressure, volumetric flow at standard condition or mass flow
✔ Powerful and easy configuration vortex flow transmitter
✔ In-line flanged vortex flow meter, sensor size up to 12 inch
✔ Easy installation and save a lot installation cost
✔ Flange process connection
✔ All stainless steel vortex flow meter
✔ Small pressure loss
✔ Large measuring range and high accuracy
✔ Accurate flow measurement is not affected by the fluids density, pressure, temperature, also viscosity
✔ No moving mechanical parts inside the vortex flow sensor, so high reliability and low maintenance
✔ Low price cost flow meter
✔ Can be made into high temperature flow meter

Flanged Vortex flow meter with compensation

STLU-BPT Series Flanged Vortex flow meter with integrated temperature sensor and pressure sensor compensation is a perfect choice for gas or steam (saturated steam and overheated steam) flow measurement; it can easily get mass flow or nominal volumetric flow rate in standard condition without complicated installation.

Typical application

Steam flow meter                             Gas mass flow meter
Air flow meter                                  Biogas flow meter
Methane gas flow meter                  Gas flow meter
In-line air flow meter                       Compressed air flow meter
CO2 gas flow meters                       Oxygen(O2) Flow Meter
Helium gas flow meter                    LPG Gas Flow meter
nitrogen flow meter/N2 Flow Meter

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