Dog Elbow Support Brace

by Lovepluspet Dog Brace & Wheelchair

DOGLEMI Dog Elbow Support Brace is suitable for elbow arthritis, hygroma, dysplasia, elbow calluses and pressure sores.
By using the auxiliary strap, the brace can be prevented from slipping.
It increases joint temperature and reduces inflammation
Prevents dogs from licking wounds
Keeps the front leg stable after an injury by supporting the legs


The Lovepluspet Dog Elbow Support Brace is now available

An elbow brace for dogs helps improve their quality of life when they have lameness or joint pain. Improve muscle balance to reduce pain and swelling. It is possible for dogs to quickly return to normal walking after they have improved their flexibility in tight muscles. Due to its elastic and stabilizing properties, the brace relieves the burden on the joint and increases stability of the joint, preventing the injury from becoming more serious. Below are more detailed product descriptions, measurements, and instructions for using this dog elbow brace.

Conditions that are suitable

Arthritis of the elbow, hygroma, dysplasia
Calluses on the elbows, pressure sores
Wound healing in the elbow
Dislocation of the shoulder
It consists of

Reflective metal support bar
An elastic, shock-resistant neoprene fabric
Strong sticky Velcro upgrade
Straps with extra stretch for fastening
After donation, you can exchange an unfit size for a new one.

Measurement of size

Follow the Size Guide below the price for the complete statistics.
For questions about the size, please email us: [email protected]
Here are some quick tips

Brace acceptance may take up to two weeks
You can wear the brace for up to 12 hours a day, beginning with 30 minutes a day, increasing 30 minutes each day after that
Wear your brace according to your veterinarian’s instructions
When your animal sleeps, remove the brace
Check your pet’s skin for signs of irritation. Contact your veterinarian if any are present
Keep skin and fur that comes into contact with the brace clean in addition to wiping it clean
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