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Xiangyu Road 93 Xiangyu Road,Xiamen Area,China +1(412)425-0636 [email protected] offers high quality dog wheelchairs and dog knee braces to treat arthritis of the ACL and CCL.Our dog products is chosen with high quality you can trust. We have our own factory to produce dog products, can guarantee the quality of dog product. Let them move freely! Professional Customer Service & Free Shipping Worldwide.

Our Mission

Established in 2021, LOVEPLUSPET offers a full range of pet care services with a sincere commitment to make you and your pets feel loved. Choosing the best products for you and your friends is our mission. Our shop offers high quality products at low prices.

Pain relief and helps your dog walk again

Physical trauma and injuries, hip dysplasia, or even simply old age can affect your animal's mobility. In order to solve your problem, LOVEPLUSPET offers a variety of bracing designs. After surgery, knee braces can be used to help with rehabilitation. An alternative to surgery may be knee braces in some cases. Mild knee injuries are especially susceptible to this.

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