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Top Five Home Air Purifiers List 2017

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A good air purifier, to a certain extent, can purify most of the harmful particles in the air, really able to achieve the effect of clean air.

But the selection of air purifier, we still have to first understand the air purifier selection criteria. First of all, the air purifier is good or bad, mainly from the clean air output ratio to consider, the greater the output rate, the purification effect is naturally better.

There are several hard targets: 1, to ensure that the indoor air to achieve a certain number of ventilation, the current international standard is not less than 5 times; 2, the air purifier a purification efficiency to High, if there are persistent pollution sources in the room, these two indicators can make indoor pollutants at a relatively low level. 3, the proposed choice of air flow larger air purifier. In particular, the filter air purifier, there is a fan as the energy source of the air circulation system, because the air volume, filtration and purification capacity corresponding to relatively large.


1, Aegis KJ750F-T02 air purifier

Aegis air purifier

Product Size: 806 * 330 * 330mm
Applicable area: 52-90㎡
Rated air flow: 1800 cubic meters / hour
Water tank capacity: no data
Noise: ≤60 decibels
Rated power: 65W

2, Baker Al KJ550F-S03 air purifier

Baker KJ550F-S03 air purifier

Intelligent purification, with "core" guardian, 8 minutes speed clean indoor air
Product Type: Home / Business Type
Applicable area: 38-66㎡
Rated power: 60W
Formaldehyde removal rate: 93%
Purification capacity: PM2.5
Sleep mode: ≤39 dB
Quick file: ≤ 70 dB

3, LIFAair LA500ZOL air purifier
LIFAair LA500
Product Size: Diameter: 300 * 800mm
Applicable area: 31-54㎡
Noise: 34-63 dB
Rated power: 2-60W, standby power: 0.87W
Solid Pollutants CADR: 450 m3 / h
Purification capacity: PM2.5

4, Philips AC4076 / 01 air purifier

Philips AC4076 / 01 air purifier

Efficient addition to formaldehyde, advanced evaporation system
Product Size: AC Filter Size: 345 * 194 * 645mm
Applicable area: 22-38㎡
Noise: 33-65 dB
Rated power: 47W
Solid Pollutants CADR: 320 m3 / h
Purification capacity: Sterilization rate:> 99%

5, Samsung Blue Whirlwind air purifier

samsung air purifier

Built-in WIFI, air quality numerical display
Product Size: 360 * 1054 * 284mm
Packing size: 457 * 1110 * 377mm
Applicable area: 50-86㎡
Water tank capacity: no data
Rated air volume: No data available
Noise: 67 dB

Rated power: 100W

As you’ll see, every device has its own unique set of features that helps it stand out from the rest of the pack. Certain aspects will be more attractive to you than others, so this will help you narrow down your choice for which one to get.

Finally, just pointing out the positive aspects for each of the recommended air purifiers won’t help you make the best decision. So, we also share some of the disadvantages of each air purifier that you may want to consider.

We hope this list of the top rated home air purifiers is exactly what you’re looking for and that it not only saves you time trying to find the right device, but also helps you get the most value for your money!

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