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Top 5 VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets to Buy in 2017

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2017 years of science and technology circle is almost VR (virtual reality) to the scraper, and if 3D is only in the use of visual, then VR (virtual reality) is all the sensory feel ahead of the default.

For users who are looking for excitement and are eager to experience the immersion of each pore, the VR (virtual reality) device can present a world that is supposed to be presented in real terms and incorporate the user into it. This is a light to listen to the incomparable fascinating technology, can be a short time the whole world is beyond doubt.

A series of VR equipment to try to develop VR (virtual reality) by the technical terms of the well-known hot words. The current VR equipment has been classified as the majority of intelligent wear ranks, although the production business is different, but it is similar in appearance, helmet-style design is not beautiful, but to provide users with a new form of experience.

However, most players understand the VR device is limited to a few products, or simply know nothing about this. As a result, the planet Jun today to sort out the balance of this year we are most concerned about the VR head wear equipment, so that we have a more in-depth understanding of the VR market.

Top Five VR Headsets of 2107 as follow:

No.1 HTC vive

Htc vive vr

Developers: Value and HTC
Time to market: April 2016
Price: 6888 yuan
Hardware requirements: not published
HTC Vive is developed by HTC and Valve a virtual reality helmet. HTC Vive developer version with an OLED screen, monocular effective resolution of 1200x1080, binocular merger resolution of 2160x1200.
2K resolution greatly reduces the graininess of the picture, the user almost does not feel the screen door effect (referring to the image seems to cover some kind of black grid, much like the screen through the screen to see the scene).
And can wear glasses at the same time wearing a head show, even if not wearing glasses, about 400 degrees myopia can still clearly see the details of the screen. Screen refresh rate of 90Hz, the delay is 22ms, the user experience the process almost can not feel the screen hysteresis.
Vive's controller positioning system Lighthouse is the use of Valve's patent, it does not need to use the camera, but by laser and light sensor to determine the location of moving objects, that HTC Vive allows users to move within a certain range.
This is the biggest difference between it and the other two major VR on the market, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.
In addition, Vive by Valve SteamVR technology to provide support, so Steam service will soon launch a number of compatible Vive game.
And product performance and quality has been greatly improved: including the head of the weight lighter, screen tuning, wearing comfort to enhance the helmets in front of a wide-angle front camera, handle button improvements, tracking optimization and so on.

No.2 Sony PlayStation VR

Sony PlayStation VR

Developer: Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE)
Time to market: the second quarter of 2016
Price: Not published
Hardware requirements: PS4
PlayStation VR is a virtual headset developed by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE), which has been developed in the name of "Project Morpheus", a VR headset developed for the PS4 console.
PlayStation VR with 5.7-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1080, refresh rate of 120Hz, delay less than 18ms, viewing angle of 100 degrees; In addition, the device also uses 9 LED to achieve 360 ° head position tracking, the use of acceleration sensor And gyroscope to achieve action capture, and through 3D sound to improve the experience.
Sony's global studio president Yoshida Hideyoshi said that there are already more than 200 developers to play games for the PlayStation VR, like "True Warriors 7", "Final Fantasy 14", "Summer Class" and other well-known masterpiece will support the PlayStation VR The In addition, the Sony official also claimed that PlayStation VR head will support both players at the same time the game.
Earlier European game retailers multiplayer had their own page on the early European game retailer PlaystationVR price and release date, will be March 25, 2016 officially released, priced at 499.99 euros, about 3600 yuan (this is Electricity business behavior, has not yet been confirmed by the official Sony). Up to now, Sony has not yet revealed the specific listing date and the final price.

No.3 Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft Holo Lens

Developer: Microsoft
Time to market: the first quarter of 2016
Price: $ 3,000
Hardware requirements: none
Strictly speaking, Microsoft HoloLens can not be regarded as VR (virtual reality) products, should be regarded as AR (enhanced reality) products.
However, due to HoloLens in the product performance and mainstream VR devices have a lot of things (such as through the device to the virtual information presented to the user before), so this AR products included in the inventory.
Compared to the full virtual reality wearing device, Microsoft's holographic glasses HoloLens should be easy to explain some.
Imagine that you are wearing a lens that is completely transparent with sunglasses and then has a transparent box in the middle of the field of view.
This box is a glimpse of the real world of the window, your eyes will be the reality of the world, the expansion of reality (in the real world superimposed plane virtual objects), and virtual reality (three-dimensional virtual world) and so on Element composition. In January of this year's Win10 conference, Microsoft through the "my world" game for the first time to show the audience HoloLens unique game performance.

No.4 Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard

Developer: Google
Time to market: June 2014
Price: $ 15
Hardware Requirements: Smartphone
The Google Cardboard is a mobile virtual headset with a combination of lenses, magnets, devil sticks and rubber bands to provide a simple virtual reality environment.
The reason Google Cardborad is that the lens allows the user to perceive the left image and the right image, respectively, to create a 3D image in the user's eyes.
This wearable device is designed by Google, but does not have any official manufacturer or supplier. Instead, Google offers a free list of parts, illustrations and assembly instructions on its website, and encourages the average person to assemble it easily with readily available parts.
Google Cardboard was originally Google France Paris, two engineers David Coz (David Coz) and Damien Henry (Damien Henry) ideas.
They use Google "20% of the time" provisions, spent 6 months to create this experimental project, intended to turn the smart phone into a virtual reality can be a prototype device.
Although Google Cardboard is just a simple cardboard virtual reality equipment, but after two years of replacement, its global sales have more than 500 million. Google Cardboard glasses are now available for hundreds of applications, IOS and Android devices can be used.

No.5 Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR

Developers: Samsung and Oculus
Time to market: November 20, 2015
Price: $ 99
Hardware requirements: Samsung specific models (Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy S6 edge +)
Although the Google Cardboard earlier to achieve the mobile side of the VR experience, but the Samsung Gear VR is truly mobile virtual reality platform for commercial VR products.
Gear VR is a mobile-based virtual reality headset developed by Samsung and Oculus. It needs a Samsung-sized mobile phone with a specific model as a monitor, a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED screen with Samsung Note 4, a screen resolution Rate can reach 2560x1440, refresh rate of 60hz, 515PPI, equipment perspective of 96 degrees.
Gear VR's operation is done in conjunction with the viewing angle (the change of viewing angle using the built-in IMU of the phone) and the touchpad (also including the return and volume adjustment buttons). Touchpad can be achieved sliding operation, complete the menu flip function; in the single page option, you can turn the head to select the target, and then use the touchpad to //confirm/i/i. While the same mobile Google header has only one button.

Gear VR is equipped with the operating system Oculus Home and the video player Gear VR Video. The player can download the Gear VR game in the Samsung / Oculus application store. It should be noted that Gear VR currently only supports Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Plus and Galaxy Note 5 and other models.

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