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IoT Smart Door Lock

Author: Aboub Views: 328 Date: 2017-10-08

AMADAS is a smart door lock company that aims to give people a peace of mind. 

Our main focus is to bring a fully integrated IoT solution that can meet the core market needs for security, convenience, and design through DIY, low-powered, and hassle-free door locks made of sturdy stainless steel.

Wireless Zigbee Smart WiFi Door Lock Support Mobile Control

1. TCP/IP and RS485 communication to remote control the lock
2. RFID Mifare technology
3. Network power supply
4. Real-time check the time

BW823 series network door lock

BW823 series networked door lock is a component part of BW823 series network lock System. This system includes:
Management computer, management software, card reader, RF card, RF card door lock, data server PC, Network line concentrator, lock controller, and smart ID identification switch, etc.

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