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How to Choose Best Mobile Phone Data Line?

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Mobile phone data line who can not leave, but the existence seems to be very low, most people are holding a good attitude, but a data line is good or bad, can greatly affect your experience.


What is the data line? Meizu technology released a popular science map today, and answered the question in a simple way.
First of all, the better the data line, the thicker the wire, the greater the current, and the aluminum shield and the metal mesh, to ensure stability.

Secondly, in length, we often want the data line is long enough, but the data line is long, line resistance will be larger, more current loss, so the data line is short, the charging efficiency is higher, the line error caused by noise rate will be lower.


data cable for iphone


On the interface, the good data line has a thick gold plating layer on the contact piece, which can improve the stability and life, but has nothing to do with the charging efficiency.


In addition, with the increase of people around the device, one data line has become more and more popular, at the same time to microUSB, Type-C and Lightning devices, but it generally does not support data transmission, or only to one of the interface data transmission.


In general, the original data line is preferred, and the third party chooses thicker, less long, multi devices, or multiple interfaces.


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