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handheld automatic screw feeder
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2018-10-09 15:51

Product Details

1 . Small screwdriver, It’s won’t block workers operating vision .
2 . Light screwdriver , the workers won’t feel heavy in operation.
3 .Below 50 decibel noise.
4 . Do not use the vibration plate, therefore the screw without vibration will not rub off.
5 . the weight is only about 9 kg, transportation is very convenient.
6 .With intelligent alarm function (acousto-optic remind and with counting function can assist you statistical capacity .
7 .Ergonomic handle structure, prevent slippery,good tactility.
8 .Convenient, the screw can make when a hand to help stay lock products, so can save a small product positioning fixture.
9 .Quickly, because it is completely eliminate hand, scraping screw, movement, screw on the screwdriver, no waiting time, just to be on the screw holes position lock screw.
10.Cleanly, due to save his hand to take the screw, won’t cause the hand of stains on the product when you pick up the screw secondary pollution and hand sweat stains screws to make it easier to rust.
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