Li-Ning Football Mens Quick Dry Shorts - Crystal Blue

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Product Details

Li Ning company is founded by Li Ning who is known as prince of gymnasts in China in 1990. 
After more than 20 years'exploration, the Li Ning comany has gradually become a leading sports brand company which stands for China. 
From establishing the franchise system during the initial stage to sponsoring China sports delegation to participate in various competitions at home and abroad for many years, Li Ning Co has experienced the development and prosperity of China national enterprises. 

Model: Li-Ning Football Mens Shorts
Style Code:AAPK353-2
Color:Crystal Blue
Materials: 100% Polyster
Tech: ATDry
Release Date: Summer 2015
100% Authentic and Brand New
1. Classic fashion colorways.
2. Comfortable materials.
3.High quality detail.
4. ATDry tech to keep short cool.

  Waist Length Hip Thigh Bottom Opening
S 46cm 43cm 104cm 62cm 28cm
M 70cm 45cm 108cm 66cm 29.5cm
L 94cm 47cm 112cm 70cm 31cm
XL 118cm 49cm 116cm 74cm 32.5cm
XXL 142cm 51cm 120cm 78cm 34cm
XXXL 166cm 54cm 124cm 82cm 35.5cm