Farm Fresh Chicken Table Eggs White Powder Egg for Health Food

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Product Details

Variety: Chicken
Type: Processed Egg
Appearance: White Powder
Export Markets: Global
Additional Info

Trademark: All over the world
Packing: 20kg/Carton, 10tons/20′fcl
Standard: GB2749-2003
Origin: China Mainland
HS Code: 0408910000
Production Capacity: 80000 Tons Per Year
Product Description
Product information:
1. Build Muscle
2. Natural Flavored
3.100 percent biologically active whey protein concentrate designed to deliver full spectrum protein fractions and microfractions.
4. Increased Nitrogen intake maintains positive N Balance protecting your muscles from wasting.
5. Naturally rich in anticatabolic Branch Chain Amino Acids, BCAA
6. In addition to a healthy diet, Whey Protein may increase lean body mass and athletic performance.
7. A convenient and great tasting way to maintain a healthy immune
8. SystemEnhances Lean Muscle Growth
9. Provides Natural Antioxidants
10. No Solvents
11. No Fat
12. No Ace K
13. No Aspartame
14. No Gluten
15. No Lactose
16. No Wheat
17. No Sucralose

Product Suggested Use and mixin instructions
1. Take 1 serving, 2 scoop, 30 minutes post workout. Consume up to 3 servings daily depending on your protein needs.
2. Combine 2 scoops with 8 fl oz of cold water, milk or your favorite beverage and mix for 20 to 30 seconds in a shaker or blender.
3. Use with a healthy diet and exercise program.
4. Can also be added to muffins, cookies, pancakes or cereals.

Product Descripton Egg White Powder is made from egg white liquid with the process of shelled eggs breaking, liquid filtering, homogenizing, pasteurizing and dry spray.
Functionality Nutrition, Protein Enhancer
Application Healthy Food
Recommended Usage Method 1 part egg white powder with 5~6 parts water. 1kg egg white powder comes approx from 230 pieces of fresh egg(standard weight 60g)
Package 20kg Egg Powder in PE Bag and Master Carton or Kraft Paper Bag
Shelf Life & Storage 12 months in sealed box or bags in the dry and clean place with the temperature under 30ºC

Organoleptic analysis: Method:
Appearance: Homogeneous dry substance, white powder, without strange particles. GB 2749-2003
Color: White, homogenous
Smell: Natural odor, typical of eggs, pleasant, typical mild, free of strange smells.
Taste: Typical of egg white
Physical-Chemical analysis: Methods:
Moisture: ≤8% GB/T 5009.3-2003
pH: 6.0-8.5 GB/T 5009.47-2003
Protein ≥78% GB/T 5009.5-2003
Microbiological analysis: Methods:
TPC-Toltal Plate count(cfu/g): ≤4000 GB/T 4789.2-2008
RCT-Coliform germs(MPN/g): ≤0.4 GB/T 4789.3-2008
Salm-Salmonella spp. Absence/25g GB/T 4789.4-2008