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Ultrasonic Welding Machine
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2018-10-09 15:32

Product Details

1.The furnace pipe is made of imported military level quality titanium plate production (titanium are widely used in aviation, aerospace, chemical, biological, etc), including titanium above 99.56%. In the long term 400 degree high temperature, corrosion resistance, fight with acid, and not the tin features, and all have SGS the authentication report, is the best choice of lead-free homework

2.The thermostat PID auto-tuning technology, solid state relays output, ± 2 degree temperature error, with temperature compensation function, make assure temperature and the actual temperature are same.

3.Ceramic heater and thermocouple are imported components production, the WaiReShi fever high efficiency, long life, save electric energy.

4.Automatic ON/OFF function ,save Melt tin time.

5.Desktop tin pot with 1.5 mm iron plate appearance, durable, surface spraying rice white paint.

6.large welding surface,Apply to electronic company welding pcb board.
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