Wire drawing dies tungsten carbide die mould

by S&Z Wire Die Co.,Ltd

The essentials
The origin of the product:China, Guangzhou
Name of the brand:It’s AV
Number of the model:AWD110923
The shaping mode is:Mould for extrusion
The product is made of:Stainless steel
It consists of:Die for wire drawing machines
The title is:Wire Drawing Dies for Copper
Available sizes:Depending on the client’s requirements
Time to deliver:Minimal time required
Equipment used in processing:Machines for machining, grinding, milling, planing, and heating
There are the following processing equipments:62.
Capacity of processing:Production in mass
Range of production::The cold drawing of steel wire, copper wire, wire and other wires and rods
The quality control process is as follows:ISO 9001:2000 certification.
In the package:Box made of wood
The package size is:Depending on your needs