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by S&Z Wire Die Co.,Ltd

Essential details
Place of Origin:Henan, China
Brand Name:YW
Model Number:Various specifications
Shaping Mode:Forging Mould
Product Material:polycrystalline diamond and tungsten carbide
Product:wire drawing die
advantage:good wear resistance, good hardness
product material:polycrystalline diamond
usage:for drawing wire
manufacture arts:diamond powders are sintered
type:supported, self-supported
surface:polished surface


Polycrystalline diamond die blanks(PCD) are polycrystalline diamond products made under ultra-high temperature and high pressure, during which process diamond powders are sintered together with metal catalyst (cobalt)and nonmetal catalyst(silicon).


Fully diamond-to-diamond bonding makes the dies having good wear resistance and long service life. It’s your best choice for wire drawing application.





<1> self-supported (in round and hexagonal shape),these dies are suitable for all types of wire drawing application, expecially where cost-cuting is required.


<2> supported (only in round shape),it has a polycrystal diamond core bonding to a tungsten carbide supported ring ,so it can withstand greater drawing force, mostly used in producing large hole blanks for drawing thicker wire.







a. The unlisted sizes also can be customized according to your requirement.

b. D: total blank diameter  d: diamond diameter  T: diamond thickness

c. Mount at temperature not exceeding 650 ℃

d.Typical order  code:for example,SLR2510–005, means: product number: SLR2510 ,Average grain size: 5 μm




PCD die blanks are widely applied to a variety  of  industries. For example, high precision wire material used in electronic device, television ,radar, instrument, and aerospace, as well as used in common tungsten wire, copper wire ,electric wire and cable.


soft wire products :copper, aluminum, gold wire, silver wire, etc


hard wire products: stainless steel wire, tungsten wire, copper plated steel wire, etc


Based on  common application of wire drawing, there are five grain size for customers to choose from:3 μm,

5 μm,10 μm,25 μ m,50 μm.Other sizes if you need, can be customized.


Structure of dies:


There are four parts to the hole of a die:


There is an arc to facilitate wire entry into the lubricating area


(2) The workaround: The metals become deformed during drawing, reducing and compressing their cross section.


3) Fixed-diameter district: to ensure the wire is the right size and shape.


(2) The outlet area: to ensure the wire does not scuff the dies during exit.