Ultrasonic Maglev type artificial diamond wire drawing dies grinding and polishing machine

by S&Z Wire Die Co.,Ltd

The Preface

Diamond and synthetic diamond drawing dies are ground and polished with ultrasonic waves. Throughout the world, this new technology has been widely used. The speed and quality of ultrasonic wave grinding and polishing have greatly improved.
In the range of 0.3 to 8.0 mm, the Upm-250 maglev ultrasonic grinding machine is used for repairing and polishing diamond and synthetic diamond drawing dies.
This machine has a turntable swinging mechanism that is automatic, and transistors are used to improve the generator’s output power. Improved design of ultrasonic transducer. With direct air cooling, you can change the distance between the pole magnets and adjust the working pressure. Compared to other production environments, the structure is compact and easy to clean.


Parameters of technical significance

1.Power input: AC220V, 50Hz
2. About 20 kHz is the working frequency
3. Consumption of power: 350W
4. An air-cooled piezoelectric transducer is used
5. Dial adjustment and magnetic pressure are the two pressure modes
6. The working speed is about 123 revolutions per minute
7. About 30 turns per minute is the working swing speed
8. Angle of working swing: 12°


3. Composition and working principle of the equipment

The first. Using ultrasonic high-speed vibration, the machine grinds the machined surface to achieve the desired shape and size by impacting the machined surface through steel needles and dies.
The second. There are three main components of the equipment: the ultrasonic generator, the transducer, and the base.
(1) The ultrasonic generator is the first component
Ultrasonic generators are installed in small cabinets, which are ultrasonic power supplies. For optimum ultrasonic output and vibration effect, a frequency automatic tracking circuit is used.
(2) The transducer
A piezoelectric ceramic transducer converts the ultrasonic wave into a stable ultrasonic vibration and is air-cooled. The stand (3)
By adjusting a dial and magnetic pressure, the mold base on the machine base flexibly moves up and down. Cross carriages can be aligned freely with the center. The left carriage moves up and down on the back column, and there is a transducer on it.


4. How to install and use

1. The installation process
Put the base on a stable table, move the transducer up and down, adjust it to a proper position and lock it, and connect the ultrasonic generator to the transducer with the output line, and plug the power plug into the ultrasonic sounder’s power outlet socket. When the switches are off, insert the power plug of the ultrasonic generator into a power socket with reliable grounding.
2. Make use of
According to the size of the processing mold, select the appropriate horn and steel needle, firmly weld the steel needle on the horn with silver or copper welding, cut the appropriate angle on the grinding wheel, install it on the transducer and tighten it, put the mold on the mold base, adjust the cross carriage and the upper and lower carriage of the transducer, make the steel needle insert into the mold hole, rotate the dial to adjust the magnetic force, then start to put the mold material and turn on the ultrasonic If necessary, turn on the mold base swing switch, adjust the ultrasonic output power knob to the appropriate size, and then you can see that the mold material is stirred under the ultrasonic, that is, the mold processing is in progress.
If necessary, fine-tune the frequency for optimum power output.