SX 3000 Chart Recorder/Paper Recorder


SX 3000 Chart Recorder/Paper Recorder

The China card recorder is equipped with a variety of functions, including signal processing, display, printing, alarming and so on, making it an ideal tool to gather, analyze and store data and information in various industrial processes. Metallurgy, petrol, chemicals, building materials, paper-making, food, medicine, and heat and water treatment are the most common industrial spots where this device is used.

It is an intelligent, multifunctional chart recorder designed especially for industrial settings, with 8 high-accuracy universal channels, 8 alarming channels, and sensor power, as well as providing 8 high-accuracy universal channels that can receive analog signals. Using a high-speed thermal printer, the device can print data, charts or mixed data.

Also, this device has a high-definition OLED display which can display real-time single screens, multi-screens, bar charts and alarms in real-time. In addition, the unique design of the paper box enables efficient paper changes. We believe our products are competitive due to a combination of humanized appearance, practical functions, reliable hardware, and excellent craftsmanship.

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