SX 2000 Paperless Recorder


SX 2000 Paperless Recorder

The SX 2000 Paperless Recorder is a data acquisition device that is used to record and store data from various sensors and instruments used in industrial processes. It is designed to replace traditional chart recorders that use paper charts, by providing a digital display of data in real-time and storing it in memory for later analysis.

The SX 2000 Paperless Recorder features a high-resolution LCD display that can display up to 48 channels of data simultaneously. It is capable of recording and displaying a variety of process variables, including temperature, pressure, flow, level, and humidity. The device can also perform mathematical calculations and display calculated values, such as total flow or energy consumption.

The SX 2000 Paperless Recorder has a built-in memory that can store up to 6 million data points, providing extended recording times. The device can be programmed to record data continuously or based on specific events, such as alarms or trigger conditions. It also features a variety of communication protocols, including Ethernet, Modbus, and OPC, allowing it to easily integrate with other devices and systems.

One of the main advantages of the SX 2000 Paperless Recorder is its paperless operation, which eliminates the need for paper charts and reduces

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