Stamping of copper

by Tenral Metal Stamping

TenraL understands the properties of full-grade copper and customizes copper parts for customers in all fields with more than 15 years of experience stamping copper.

Tenral specializes in precision metal stamping as well as custom sheet metal fabrication. For our customers, we offer a full range of copper manufacturing services.

Copper stamping parts: characteristics

Copper is one of the oldest metals used by humans. When first cut, it has a reddish orange metallic luster, and its elemental substance is purplish red. As a result of its good ductility, high thermal and electrical conductivity, it is commonly used for cables and electrical and electronic components. In addition to being used as a building material, it is also composed of a wide variety of alloys. The most important copper alloys are bronze and brass, which have excellent mechanical properties and low resistivity. Additionally, copper is a durable metal that can be recycled many times without losing its mechanical properties. Copper stamping parts are widely used in different fields to benefit from their characteristics:

Conductivity and heat resistance
Ductility and durability
A healthy lifestyle
Recycling and sustainability
Copper stamping parts are categorized by their material
Copper alloys consist of a copper matrix and one or more other elements. Brass, bronze, and white copper are the most commonly used copper alloys.

Copper and zinc alloys make up brass. In valves, water pipes, air conditioning pipes, and radiators, they are commonly used.

composed of copper and tin. Eventually, all copper alloys except brass and white copper were called bronze, and the name of the first additive element was often preceded by the word bronze. As a result of its high casting properties, antifriction, and mechanical properties, tin bronze is suitable for making bearings, worm gears, and gears. Casting high-load gear, bushings, propellers, and other components made of aluminum bronze have high strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Precision springs and electric contact elements can be manufactured with phosphor bronze due to its high elastic limit and good conductivity.

It is an alloy of copper and nickel. Ordinary white copper is an alloy of copper and nickel; complex white copper is an alloy of copper with manganese, iron, zinc, aluminum, and other elements. There are two types of industrial copper: structural copper and electrical copper. White copper has good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and a beautiful color. White copper is widely used in the manufacture of precision machinery, eyeglass accessories, chemical machinery, and ship components. Thermoelectric properties of electrical white copper are generally good.

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