Stainless steel Heavy-Duty Steel Grating

by Sunj Grating Limited

Known also as galvanized bar grating, galvanized steel grating is available in a variety of sizes.

Stainless steel Heavy-Duty Steel Grating
Its long bearing bars make it a popular type of heavy-duty steel grating. In many fields, such as construction, machinery protection, ventilation grilles, and so on, it is used. There is no restriction on the intervals at which the bearing bars can be placed to meet different needs. In conjunction with the bearing bars, the cross bars are welded, pressure-locked, or riveted together. As a result, these heavy-duty steel gratings are load-bearing and anti-slip.

The Process Flow for Heavy-duty Steel Gratings

Step 1: Design Consultation(1-2 days)

We will consult with you before we begin production to determine the best design for your project. We consider the final product’s intended use, the dimensions and weight of the load, the environment in which it will be used, and any other factors relevant to the project. By doing this, you will ensure that your steel gratings will be strong and last for years to come.

Design Consultation for steel gratings
Steel gratings raw material

Step 2:Preparing raw materials(1-2 days)

A product’s quality depends greatly on its raw materials. Steel gratings are made from the highest quality materials, so you can be confident that your product will meet or exceed your expectations. The materials we use are also sourced from sustainable and eco-friendly sources.

Step 3:Welding of steel gratings(5 days)

Following the finalization of the design and the sourcing of raw materials, the manufacturing process can begin. Panels are welded together under pressure to create the desired shape in the first step. In order to create this strong, stable bond, high-pressure welding machines are used.

weled steel gratings
press-locking of steel gratings

Step 4:Press-locking of steel gratings(3 days)

In the product workshop, steel gratings are finished after welding. A final inspection is carried out to ensure that the gratings meet our high standards before any cuts or holes are made. Our clients receive the gratings once they have passed inspection.

Step 5:Products Finishing(3 days)

Welding is followed by finishing in the products workshop. A final inspection of the gratings is made here, and any necessary cuts or holes are made. Our clients will receive the gratings after passing inspection.

Galvanized steel grating in Singapore
quality control of steel gratings

Step 6:Quality Inspection(1-2 days)

As soon as the welding process is complete, the steel gratings are transported to the products workshop for finishing. A final inspection is conducted to ensure that the gratings meet our high standards. If a cut or hole is required, it is made here, and the gratings are given a final inspection. Our clients will receive the gratings after they have passed inspection.

Step 7:Packaging(1 days)

Our packing materials ensure that the products are not damaged during transport. Steel gratings require special care and attention during packaging. You can fill the gaps between each grate with styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap in order to protect them from damage. Wrap each grate in a layer of plastic film, place it in a box or crate, and wrap it with a layer of plastic film. Mark the contents and the date on the box or crate with tape. When storing or transporting steel grates, follow these packing tips to prevent corrosion and rust.

the packing of steel gratings