Sow Automatic Feeder Animal Feeding Line System

by Shengrui Pig Equipment

automated feeding system line for pig, Use for Sow, Swine, Hog, Pig, Piglet, Pig Fatten System, hot dip galvanized or fiber glass material.

Dry feeding system is still the main feed delivery system in pig farm.Dry feeding system means, first, pour the granulated feed and power feed into feed silo, and then deliver the feed to every automatic plastic drop feeder or dry & wet feeder through feed silo, feed boot, drive box, feed pipe etc..The aim is to insure the accurate feeding of pigs.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 6L 8L
  • Color: Transparent
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Product description: Pig feeding line dispenser
Product NamePig feeding line dispenser
Size6L 8L
Product typePig feeder
UsePig automatic feeding
FeatureDurable,long using time
ApplicationPig farm

Use for: Sow, Swine, Hog, Pig, Piglet, Pig Fatten System

Main Features
1.full automatic pig / sow/ hog/ pig feeding system
2.install in the big pig farm, easy to install
3.Pig farm cover sow breeding farm, piglet breeding farm, hog breeding farm, swine breeding farm, pig breeding farm time, save breeding cost
5.could set the time and feeding quality , to automatically feeding at different time.
6.size customized, for different pigs farm.Pig farm kinds, sow farm, farrowing farm, piggery farm, fatten farm, Swine Farm, Hog Farm and so on.