Small Coriolis flow meter/flow controller


Small Coriolis flow meter/flow controller

In addition to measuring large flows, Coriolis flow meters can also measure flows of 50Mt/h, 100Mt/h, or even higher. In order to achieve ultra low flow control or low flow quantities feeding, SH-CMF-FE successfully applies Coriolis flow technology to very low flow measurement, such as 40g/h, 10kg/h, etc., and combines PID controller and batch function inside. It is a P&ID mass flow meter.

Performance and principle of digital mass flow meter

It is widely recognized that coriolis mass flow meters have excellent accuracy and independence from fluid properties. A single-loop transducer is part of the oscillation system in the SH-CMF-FE. During micro flow rate fluid flow through the sensor circuit, the Coriolis force causes a variable phase shift, which is detected by the micro flow sensor and transmitted to the integrated DSP processor.

Laboratory and industrial use miniaturized flow meter

A miniaturized mass flow meter from the SH-CMF-FE series offers two levels of accuracy: 0.25 percent for liquid measurements and 0.50 percent for gas measurements. Most customers can use a low flow mass flow meter for various experiments. The meter can be used in labs, lab-scale small flow meters, and industrial environments with complex working environments.

Applications of low flow rate Coriolis flow meter

Ultra low flow mass flow meters of the SH-CMF-FE series are widely used in process fluid measurement or control systems in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, fermentation, semiconductor and fuel cell industries.

SH-CMF-FE Series mini Coriolis Flow Meter Features and Specifications

  • Low flow rate flow meter is direct measurement of mass flow
  • Ultra low flow meter still keep high accuracy: accuracy: gas up to ±0.5%F.S, liquid up to ±0.25%
  • Small Coriolis flow meter is without dead zone
  • Digital low flow meter solution with fast response and fast adjustment
  • Digital mass flow Controller has high precision and good repeatability
  • Integrated PID controller to regulate flow, small coriolis flow meter P&ID function
  • Cost-effective,low price mini Coriolis flow meter cost starts from $5100
  • Ultra low small flow meters has high reliability and long life
  • No thermal drift, negligible temperature and time drift
  • Simultaneous output of fluid density and temperature
  • High viscosity fluid and high density gas can be measured, low flow high viscosity flow meter
  • Not noticeable to ambient vibration for micro Coriolis flow meter
  • Flow range available for ultra low flow mass flow meter and mass flow controller:0~40g/h,10000 g.h-1,50 kg/h,0~0.02 kg/s,176 lbs/h,0~1.7 g/min,330 lb/h, 0~200 kg/h, 0.08kg/s,0~0.4 Mt/h, 0~8.33 kg/min, 0~800 kg/h, 0~1 ton/h.
  • Fluids operation temperature is max 70℃ , but can still make custom high temperature coriolis flow meter;
  • Digital mass flow meter and flow controller Output 0~5V,1~5V or 4-20mA, MODBUS RUT RS232 or RS485
  • Wet parts mateiral: stainless steel 316L ,suitable for a lot fluids measurement
  • Process connection: φ6,φ8,φ10,φ12mm compressing fitting ,flange.,etc
  • IP40
  • Digital micro flow meter and flow controller power supply: ±15VDC,24VDC

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