SH308-M series pressure transmitter



  • Signal Crystal Silicon Resonant Sensor
  • Gauge pressure transmitter or absolute pressure transmitter
  • Precision pressure transducer, accuracy can be 0.075% ~0.1%
  • Intrinsically safe pressure transducer or explosion proof pressure transducer
  • Overload pressure up to 50 Mpa
  • Excellent overvoltage performance
  • Flexible range of compression
  • Range ratio up to: 100:1
  • Excellent operability & convenient use
  • Pressure transmitters with display, five-digit with backlight, quickly adjusted through built-in three buttons
  • Electronic pressure Transmitter 4-20mA, option with HART protocol or MODBUS RS485
  • Various pressure measurement units: Pa, kPa, Mpa, bar, mbar, %, psi, mmH2O;
  • Process connection: G1/2,1/2NPT,M20x1.5.,etc
  • Pressure transducer measurement Range: Ultra low pressure 1Kpa (100 mmwc), 24” H2O, small pressure sensor 400mbar,300 Torr,36 psi, 30 bar,100bar, high pressure transducer 5800 PSI.
  • High temperature pressure transducer, max to measure fluids temperature upto 662°F
  • Option with stainless steel pressure transmitter, SUS304 or 316 housing material;
  • Low price pressure transmitters
  • Option with flange Diaphragm seals or tri-clamp connections

SH308-M series pressure transmitter

SH308-M series pressure transmitter uses monocrystalline silicon sensor chip that made of advanced MEMS technology. These digital pressure transducers achieve the world’s leading overpressure performance and also ensure excellent signal stability. Built-in manometry capsule and signal processing module that can achieve the perfect combination of pressure and temperature compensation, which provides high measurement accuracy and stability under a wide range of static pressure and temperature.SH308-M digital Signal Crystal Silicon Resonant Sensor pressure transmitter can measure pressure and convert it into 4~20mA output signal, it is digital pressure sensor. This electronic transmitter can be operated through three buttons locally or through universal communicator or configuration software remotely, it is pressure sensor with display. Without affecting the output signal of 4 ~ 20mA, it can display at the same time.


SH308-M series digital pressure transducers are suitable to measure liquid, gas or steam flow as well as liquid level, density and pressure transducer sensor, it can be used in process control system, can measure pressure range of water, diesel , fuel, oil pressure transmitter, air pressure sensor, water pressure sensor, holley oil pressure sensor, air pressure transmitter, ethyl alcohol pressure transmitters.HVAC air pressure sensor, Chemical industry pressure transmitters such as pressure measurement for Hydrochloric acid,soft drinks, sulfuric acid, Beverages,sodium hydroxide, hydrofluoric acid, acetic acid, ethanol, alcohol, crotonic acid, 2-bromothiophene, hydrogen peroxide, sulfochloride, nitric acid, acetic anhydride, thionyl chloride.,gas pressure measurement , such as Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Helium, Neon, Krypton, Argon, Xenon, Chlorine, Carbon Monoxide., etc

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