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by Guangdong Queendom Group Technology Co., Ltd. - High Power LED
Model:10mm 0.5w High Power LEDs-


1. All dimensions are in millimeters (inches).

2. Tolerance is±0.25mm(0.01”) unless otherwise specified.

3. Lead spacing ismeasured where the leads emerge from the package.

4. Specifications aresubject to change with notice.


Absolute Maximum Rating(At TA=25°C)


Note:1. Derate linearly as shown in Figure 4 for temperature above 25°C.

Absolute Maximum Rating(At TA=25°C)


Luminous intensity is measured with a light sensor and filtercombination that approximates the CIE eye-response curve.2θ1/2

is the o-axis angle where the luminous intensity is 1⁄2the peak intensity.c. The dominant wavelength (λd) is derived from the

CIEchromaticity diagram and represents the single wavelength which defines thecolor of the device.

product properties:

Using epistar chip, hightemperature resistant Japanese glue, 99.99% pure gold wire welding;

Colloid color: can be customized according torequirements: colored fog, colorless fog, colored and transparent, colorlessand

transparent Luminous color: can be customized according to requirements:white, red, orange, yellow, ordinary green, emerald

green, blue, two colorsLight emitting

angle: 25±5° (the angle can be adjustedaccording to customer requirements)

Product features: high light efficiency,anti-high temperature, anti-dead lamp, anti-static Certification

standards: SGS certificate in line with EU ROHS,EN60425, REACH standards

Packing: 200pcs/bag in anti-static bag Colortemperature range [effect display]

Round 10mm mid power led

● Low power consumption ● Universal leads ● Excellent material efficiency
● Reliable and Rugged ● Long Life – Solid State Reliability

● RoHS Compliant

Round 10mm mid-power LEDs are a popular choice for lighting applications requiring a balance between brightness and efficiency. With their small size and moderate power output, these LEDs are ideal for a variety of applications, from automotive lighting to architectural lighting and everything in between.
One of the main advantages of round 10mm mid-power LEDs is their high efficiency, which means they are able to produce high levels of brightness without dissipating a lot of energy. This makes them ideal for applications where energy efficiency is a top priority Excellent choice.
In addition to efficiency, round 10mm mid power LEDs are also known for their versatility. They can be used in a wide range of lighting applications including automotive lighting, backlighting, signage and general lighting.

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