Replacement UGB 7FF1K 11.1V Laptop Battery For DELL LATITUDE E6230 E6120 Notebook computer

by Packress Energy Storage System

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You can bring your laptop back to life with a new 7FF1K battery. When buying a new computer battery, you should look for two key factors: the battery’s lithium-ion cells and its computer chipset. The battery is built with the highest quality components, not the cheapest.
The Ultra Green Battery company sells brand new green batteries and power supplies for laptops, power tools, and more. Shenzhen, China, is the location of our company. Our goal is to provide green batteries that are better, more affordable, and healthier.
Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with high-quality, green healthy batteries.

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Detailed technical specifications
The item is brand new, never been used, and has not been refurbished.
Rating of the battery: 11.1V
The battery has a capacity of 32Wh.
The battery is black in color
Our policy is to use brand new, high-quality battery cells with a one-year warranty.
A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered

This part is compatible with:
The following are the phone numbers: 312-1241, 312-1242, 312-1242, 312-1381, 3W2YX, 7FF1K, 7M0N5, 9GXD5, 9P0W6, F33MF, FRR0G, FRROG, HGKH0, J79X4, JN0C3, K4CP5, KFHT8, KJ321, MHPKF, RCG54, RFJMW, TPHRG, V7M6R

Analyze models as follows:
It has been called the Dell Latitude E6330, Dell Latitude E6230 Series, Dell Latitude E6430s Series, Dell Latitude E6430S Series, Dell Latitude E6320 XFR, Dell Latitude E6220, Dell Latitude E6320, Dell Latitude E6320 Series, Dell Latitude E6120 Series, Dell Latitude E6220 Series, Dell Latitude E6230, Dell Latitude E6120, Dell Latitude E6330 Series.

Please note:
The list does not include all compatible model numbers. Should you not see your laptop model listed, please contact us at [email protected]. We may be able to assist you in determining whether the Laptop Battery will work for your laptop.
The first. Compatible with OEM products!

The second. Shipping was fast! Money back guarantee for 30 days! Warranty of 12 months!

The third point. Before shipping, most batteries are pre-charged.

The fourth. There is no memory effect, so even if you haven’t used it, you can charge it.

The fifth. Make sure the product(s) you are purchasing are compatible with the brand, model, and part number of your device.

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