Ravoony Gloss Midnight Purple Car Vinyl Wrap

by Ravoony Vinyl Car Wraps

Ravoony car wraps are as flexible and forgiving as Avery, but as soft and thick as 3M.

One of the best-selling colors is the midnight purple wrap, which makes the car look attractive and classy. If you like midnight purple R34 Nissa GTR, this color cannot be avoided.

Six-layer solid structure

PVC glossy protective film colloid
scratch coating
calendered color paint layer
Wear-resistant adhesive layer
Low Viscosity Pressure Sensitive Acetate Adhesive
160g bottom paper

Keep your car like new

Acid rain and decay
Protection against paint aging and scratches

Outdoor durability up to 5 years
High and low temperature resistance

super air release

ultra-high density air
Dry coating without bubbles
quick removal of air

super stretchable
When stretched, Ravoony car stickers will not change color and will not break.
Perfectly fits any bend.
Other brands of car stickers change color.

good integration

Easy to install and complete
Beautiful fit curve
Complete the whole body of the beauty package,
Similar to original car paint


Do not damage car paint after removal
Protective paint is always as good as new
Kepp car value


If HBV is scratched
Heat with a heat gun to fix
good car protection

Reliable car film factory

10,000 square meters workshop

high quality
Dedicated car sticker brand, dedicated to create 300+ professional colors, full color lasting

It is said that people who like purple usually have an artistic temperament and can always make a lot of friends because they always think of others first.

People who like purple have elegant and noble personality, rich sensibility, delicate and sensitive, and elegant aesthetic taste.

Wrapped in midnight purple, it is noble and romantic, with a hint of mystery. The beautiful and luxurious purple symbolizes nobility and is the most charming color among many colors.

Metallic purple is a memorable color that represents depth of prestige, harmony and elegance. . . Highlight your midnight purple car Purple car’s unique charm and unique owner’s unique atmosphere of your car.

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