Ravoony Gloss Metallic Tanzanite Blue Car Vinyl Wrap

by Ravoony Vinyl Car Wraps

Ravoony car wrap is flexible and forgiving like Avery but tacky and stocku like 3M.

Tanzanite Blue Car Vinyl Wrap is full of luxury, solemn but not serious, formal but not rigid, and the deep and dark blue makes the streamlined body more temperamental.

Six Layers Strong Structure

PVC Gloss Protective Film
Colloidal Scratch Resistant Coating
Calendered Color Layers
Coating Wear-Resistant Adhesive Layer
Low-Tack Pressure-sensitive Acrylic Adhesive
160g Backing Paper

Keep Your Car As New

Block acid rain and corrosion
Prevent paint surface aging and scratches

Outdoor durable up to 5 years
Resistance high and low tempreture

Super Air Release

Super high-density air channels
Dry application no air bubbles
Exclude air fast

Super Stretchable

After streching, Ravoony car wrap does not change color, no break.
Perfect fit any radian.
Other brand car wrap color changes.

Good Conformity

Easy to install
Fit the curves perfectly
Perfect wrap the full car body simil

aras the original paint


Do not damage the car paint after remove
Protection the car paint always as new
Kepp the car in value