Pine Pollen and Lion’s Mane Extract Tablet


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Pine Pollen and Lion’s Mane Extract Tablet


As we all know pine pollen powder as an adaptogen, it can helps us build resistance to daily stress and acts as a restorative for boosting immune health due to its rich nutrition like protein, vitamins, minerals, all essential amino acids, trace elements, enzymes and so on. And phytosterol that pine pollen carries could help promote and balance level of testosterone in human body. Testosterone is not only good for increasing libido but also helps to promote feelings of well being, uplifts the mood and stimulates a sense of will power and enthusiasm for life. Also phenylalanine in pine pollen, as an L-dopa precursor which helps to stimulate dopamine levels in the brain, it is additionally believed to act as a natural antidepressant. And lion’s mane mushroom is like most of mushrooms contain a group ofpolysacchaide which gives it the benefits of enhancing immunity, lowering blood sugar/pressure and anti-cancer. Especially beta-glucan in all these polysacchaide, is called “nature’s strongest immunity enhancer” in many researches, being proven could help promote immunity effectively. Meanwhile, many researches have also found lion’s mane mushroom could help to protect nerves and improve cognition. With pine pollen and lion’s mane mushroom combined, its benefits to improve immunity, release pressure, supplement testosterone and increase energy could be double reinforce, leading to a far better daily presence and sexual performance.

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TCM Adaptogen Warehouse specializes in providing TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) herbal extracts powders with the highest levels of customer satisfaction at the most reasonable price. Our most featured products include pine pollen powder/tablet/extract/capsules, medical mushroom extracts(reishi, chaga, cordyceps, shiitake, maitake…), herbs to raise testosterone(horny goat weed, ginseng root, tongkat ali, sting nettle and our adaptogenic herbs(rhodiola rosea, gynostemma pentaphyllum, schisandra chinensis, astragalus root, he shou wu).

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