Pig gestation stall pen crates sow cage

by Shengrui Pig Equipment

 Pig Gestation Crate

Frame: φ26×2.5mm round tube, φ21.3×2.3mm lining round tube

Front door: φ26×2.5mm round tube
Rear frame
single-open back door/ double-open back door, φ26×2.5mm round tube
Fully slatted floor, perforation rate is less than 20%
Feeding troughs
full-length stainless troughs, resin floor groove;
All standard parts made of stainless steel.

During pregnancy, a farmed sow may be kept in a gestation crate, also called a sow stall. A standard crate measures 6.6 feet x 2.0 feet (2 m x 60 cm).

Rather than bedding, sow stalls are floored with slatted plastic, concrete or metal to allow waste to be efficiently collected below. Lagoons are open-air pits in which waste is flushed. Sows are moved to farrowing crates a few days before giving birth, where they lie down and nurse their piglets from an attached crate.