Wire surface quality is critical when using ND dies for fine and ultrafine wire drawing.

Wire drawing dies are available in sizes from 0.005 mm to 2.50 mm for ND dies.

Applications include tungsten wire, bonding wire, stainless steel wire, copper wire, and wire drawn from precious metals.

Die life is ensured by extremely high hardness and wear resistance
Among all die materials, this one has the best surface finish.
Reusability is excellent.
The lowest die pull and friction.”

Among all die materials, this material has the longest die life and the lowest downtime of any material.
There are large size wires as well as ultra fine wires available.
Wire surface finish that can be predicted.
The ND dies are ideal for wire materials that are highly abrasive.

ND dies refer to Natural Diamond Wire Drawing Dies, which are used in fine and ultrafine wire drawing, or as finish-dies when wire surface quality is critical. With ND dies, precision wire can be produced with excellent surface-finish and low friction, resulting in high wire drawing performance and low power consumption.