Nano Diamond Coated Dies

by S&Z Wire Die Co.,Ltd

Nano Diamond Coated Dies

Cable stranding, bunching and compacting wire drawing, and tube drawing are all possible with nano dies.

The specification is:
A range of nano dies is available, ranging from 0.50mm to 120mm.

Nano Diamond Coated Dies

An example of an application would be:

Stranded cable used for electrical transmission uses nano dies.

Wire drawing includes welding wire drawing (low carbon steel wire, medium and high carbon steel wire) and tube drawing (stainless steel).

Nano Diamond Coated Dies

The advantages are:
As compared to tungsten carbide wire dies, nanodies last 10 times longer.
Zero wear over the entire life of the die saves money on raw materials.
PCD and Tungsten carbide dies have smoother surfaces, lower friction, and are more expensive.
There is a size range of φ 120mm

Nano dies are diamond coated dies that are ideal for cable stranding, bunching, and compacting, and drawing wire and tubes. By manufacturing nano dies, we help customers improve production efficiency and save huge amounts of money due to long die life and zero die wear. Cable manufacturers have found that replacing tungsten-carbide dies with Nano dies has resulted in significant material savings.

In the case of wire and tube drawing, Nano dies are available from 0.50mm to 40mm, the die life for aluminum wire is over 30 times longer than that of tungsten carbide. For low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire dies last at least 10 times longer than those made of tungsten carbide.
Die sizes ranging from 0.50 mm to 120 mm are available for compacting and stranding cables. Nano dies can compact over 500km of conductor during their die life, whereas tungsten carbide dies can only compaction 20km to 30km. Moreover, Nano-Dies offer cable and wire manufacturers greater durability and smoothness than ever before due to the diamond coating.