Nano coating wire drawing dies

by S&Z Wire Die Co.,Ltd

Details you need to know
Source of origin:China, Anhui
Name of the brand:Anjie
Identifier:Individually tailored
Modeling Mode:Casting Die
The product material is:Alloys
It consists of:Wire used for drawing
Name of Product:Drawing Die Made of Cemented Carbide
Composition:Carbide and diamond
The quality:There is a quality guarantee with us
Life of the mould:In the range of 400-1000 tons
Material of the mould:Alloys and steels
In a package:A plastic bag and a small carton are included
The type of company is:Produced by:
Assorted colors:Gray silver
Suitable for:The extrusion mold
Dimensions:We accept customer sizes
Capacity to supply
Each year, 60000 pieces are produced
Delivery and packaging
Details of packaging
A small carton and a plastic bag
Example of a picture:IMG_package-imgIMG_package-img
The lead time is:Amount (pieces) 1 – 30 31 – 100 101 – 300 >300
To be negotiated Lead time (days) 7 15 25