Mid-Body Support Sling for Large dogs

by Lovepluspet Dog Brace & Wheelchair

The LOVEPLUSPET Mid-Body Support Sling for Large Dogs is ideal for arthritic hips, diabetes mellitus, or spinal strokes.
Designed specifically for large dogs.
Easy and convenient to use with a wider and more comfortable handheld.
The soft lineage provides a comfortable experience for your dogs.
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Lovepluspet – Mid-Body Support Sling for Large Dogs
With the LOVEPLUSPET Mid-Body Support Sling for Large Dogs, you can easily lift your pet’s hind legs, so it is ideal for dogs with arthritic hips, DM, spinal strokes and those recovering from ACL/CCL surgery. The inner lineage is made of soft canvas fabric that provides a comfortable wearing experience.

In a suitable condition

Myelopathy caused by degenerative changes in the spine
Legs have difficulty moving
Recovery from injury
Recovering from surgery
Arthritis causes mobility problems
Tears of the ACL cause mobility problems
The material

Fabric made from Oxford
Inner lining of EVA
Velcro straps that can be adjusted
After donation, you can exchange an unfit size for a different one.

Measuring the size

You can find the complete statistics in the Size Guide below the price.
In case of questions about the size, please email us at [email protected].
Please note

Do not suspend a dog in the air with a support harness; they are meant to support, not lift!