Metal tube variable area flow meter


Metal tube variable area flow meter

Variable area flow meter or called Rotameter is one of the most commonly used throttling flowmeters. Variable area flow meter has the advantages of simple construction of flow sensor, robust measurement, wide detection measurement range (the range ratio can reach 10:1), high measurement accuracy (error about ±1.5%), and indication value. It is the most widely used measuring flow instrument in modern life and industrial production due to its advantages of intuition, convenient maintenance , small pressure loss, high accuracy and low price cost.

Why choose metal tube variable area flow meter?

In which situation to choose metal tube variable area flow meter instead of glass or plastic tube?
According to the different materials of the tapered tube of variable area flow meter, it can be roughly divided into three categories: Glass tube, plastic tube and metal tube variable area flow meter. Glass tube rotor flowmeter is simple in structure, very cheap cost, easy to be made into an flow sensor for corrosive liquid or gas, has high transparency, intuitive reading, not easy to break, light weight, long life, convenient installation and connection, etc. The plastic tube rotameter has the characteristics of small size, light weight, unbreakable tapered tube and corrosion resistance flow meter.
Metal tube rotameter can measure liquid and gas flow, especially suitable for liquid or gas flow measurement with low flow rate and small flow. It can provide flow rate, total flow display, or 4-20mA output signal to realize flow indication, accumulation, signal transmitting, flow recording, control and alarm, etc. Function.
Today, with the continuous development of measurement technology and the increasing demand for measurement accuracy, metal tube variable area flow meter factory can only fully understand the structural principle of the rotameter, flow calculation, factors affecting the value and correction methods, and the selection and installation requirements of the flowmeter. Choose the correct Metal tube variable area flow meter that best meets your needs to achieve the best measurement results. The author hopes that this paper will bring some help to metrology workers.

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