Low pressure gas flow meter


Features of low pressure gas flow meter

  • Wide range ratio, can measure the gas flow rate up to 100Nm / s bottom to 0.5Nm / s, can be used for gas leak detection and can take measurement on low pressure gas.
  • Good performance and long service life. The sensor has no moving parts and pressure sensing parts, and is not affected by vibration to the measurement accuracy
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Digital gas flow meter, accurate measurement and convenient maintenance
  • Using RS-485 communication, or HART communication, can realize factory automation and integration.
  • Widely applicable to various pipes,It can be used for measuring various size pipes from small pipe diameter to large pipe diameter.
  • Range ratio can reach 100: 1, and maintain high accuracy in the measurement range, even at low pressure gas or air

Low pressure gas flow meter

A thermal flow meter works by using the principle of thermal diffusion. Thermal diffusion technology is highly reliable and efficient in harsh environments. A thermal flow meter has two temperature sensors placed in a gas, one heated to a temperature higher than the fluid’s temperature, and the other used to measure the gas’ temperature.

Heat taken away by the gas increases with an increase in the gas flow rate, and this will change the temperature difference between the two temperature sensors. According to the proportional relationship between the temperature difference and the medium flow rate, the gas flow rate. A thermal mass flow meter is an ideal gas flow meter for measuring low flow pressures.

We provide low pressure and low flow rate gas flow meters, we supplied gas flow meter can be digital mass flow meter, electronic gas volumetric flow, pressure or temperature sensor integrated with the gas flow sensor.
Both SGW series inline gas turbine flow meter and SKR series thermal mass flow meter can work at negative pressure ,or start at very low pressure.
SKR-M series micro-flow rate thermal mass flow meter can work at very low pressure drop and the min flow it can detect is 0~21000 mL/min.

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