LISPOO Dog Knee ACL Brace With Metal Splint Hinged Flexible Support

by Crawlpaw Pet Products Company

The ACL Brace For Dogs provides excellent support and protection, ideal for arthritis, knee dislocations, CCL/ACL injuries, and following surgery.
Stable support for your pet is provided by an internal metal hinged splint. Provide security with reflective strips that can be seen even at night.
Provides dogs with sufficient support and comfort, veterinary recommended.


LISPOO Dog Knee ACL Brace with Metal Splint Hinged Flexible Support

LISPOO is a brand

The product category is Knee Braces for Dogs

Neoprene is the material

Breeds: Small, medium, and large dogs

Injuries or weak legs caused by arthritis can make your dog difficult to move. Our Dog Acl Brace Takes Care of All Your Concerns.


Features of the product

When your dog suffers a knee injury, but is not a candidate for surgery, or if you prefer a non-surgical approach, then Heal Naturally is the ideal treatment. These dog knee braces are designed to provide maximum support and stability during the recovery process, perfect for strain and tear injuries. They are great for post-surgery rehab as well as post-op knee support and stabilization during the recovery process.

A true one-of-a-kind design: This canine knee brace was built from the ground up to be effective and comfortable. The knee position has a metal hinge that provides maximum support and maintains mobility; All three straps can be adjusted and are flexible; Use with a chest harness that is properly fitted for optimal performance.

Use it for walks to help support movement, as this is not a product that can be worn all day.

LISPOO specializes in premium, lightweight canine support products that allow dogs of all ages and conditions to enjoy happy, active lives.