Liquid Mass Volumetric Flow Meter


In order to measure mass flow, the Coriolis meter has a few features that are essential to its performance. Below are a few of these features.


Liquid Mass Volumetric Flow Meter

Two types of flow meters are mass flow meters and volumetric flow meters. It is a bit complicated to differentiate them and it might take you some time. Mass flow is a type of measurement that measures the number of molecules that flow trough the measuring instrument. It does not take into account the space these molecules occupy, so it can also be referred to as volumetric flow standardized to volume.

Volumetric flow is the three-dimensional space occupied by the fluid moving through the instrument of measurement. It can be referred to as the actual flow rate. These two measurements should be performed at standard temperature and pressure.

In order to measure mass flow, the Coriolis meter was designed primarily for this purpose. This means Coriolis flow is used to measure the mass flow of fluids. Some customers need mass flow measurement for liquids like palm oil, syrup, water, so Coriolis meters are the best choice for them.

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