AP-5096U Home Energy Storage ESS

by Packress Energy Storage System

You can use this battery to self-power your home on demand and reduce your dependency on grid electricity by storing solar energy. Whenever there is a grid outage, Allspark Power automatically provides backup power or integrates with solar to ensure your home is always powered. Your energy security and clean energy are assured with Allspark Power.

Solar energy can be stored in the AP series product, used on-demand and self-powered to reduce your reliance on grid electricity. To ensure your safety during a grid outage

The system automatically provides backup power or can be easily integrated with solar panels for 24/7 power.

Enjoy a clean energy lifestyle with 100% energy security.

This system combines photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, home energy management, and energy efficiency management.

>Self-powered home

Use solar and power to reduce reliance on the grid and run your home off solar day and night.

>Backup Power

Protect your home from a power outage with seamless and reliable backup power.

>Energy saving

Reduce your electricity bill, if your utility offers a time-of-use rate plan.

>Home energy control

Manage and control your home energy by our mobile App.