High Security Fence

by Clearviewfences Fence & Fencing Panel Manufacturer

We manufacture, supply, and install high-security mesh fencing that is anti-climb and anti-penetrative. Small apertures prevent would-be intruders and escapees from grasping the wire and getting a handle to climb over it. With high-quality zinc alloy coated wire, our mesh fencing is extremely difficult to penetrate with conventional hand tools. Furthermore, rear tamper-proof fixings prevent fence panels from being removed from the attack side.

Security and durability of high security fences

Our high security fencing is approved by the government and provides maximum protection against intruders. Based on its specific characteristics, you can choose the right height security fencing system for you.

In order to meet the demands on perimeter security, we have invested heavily in developing high security fencing systems that can be used in high security situations, ranging from determined intrusion to collateral damage mitigation. Our team realized we could not keep pushing the performance limits of existing products against increasingly sophisticated, determined, and audacious attacks.

More details:https://www.clearviewfences.co.za/high-security-fence/