High Power LED – 3535 LEDs

● High Lumen
● High Luminous Efficacy
● Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Substrate
● Lighting angle 120 degrees
Queendom product size: 3.5*3.5*3.2mm high lumen, high efficacy, aluminum nitride ceramic substrate, high power LED in silicone top-mold package, providing high brightness in an ultra-rugged package, suitable for cost-effective single-light and Directional light fixture design.
Using highly reliable U.S.-imported Purui and Taiwan Epistar brand chips; the light-emitting angle is 120 degrees, and the selection space is large.
More flexible design, high consistency, large light-emitting area, low thermal resistance packaging, weather resistance, strong UV resistance, no color difference in use
Using high-power LED ceramic base, low light decay and long life, the product has passed various certifications
Main applications: medical instruments, testing equipment, PCR, biotechnology
More info: https://www.queendomlamp.com/products/3535-leds/