High Power-1W/3W – High Power LED

● Suitable for compact optoelectronic applications
● Low power consumption
● Moisture Sensitivity level: 3
● Halogen-free
● RoHS compliant
High power 1W/3W LEDs are a popular lighting solution that offer several benefits and applications. These LEDs are known for their efficiency, durability, and versatility, making them a popular choice for a wide range of lighting needs. They are commonly used in automotive, industrial, and commercial lighting applications due to their high luminosity and long lifespan. Additionally, high power 1W/3W LEDs can be used in architectural lighting, street lighting, and home lighting applications, providing a reliable and cost-effective lighting solution. When selecting the right high power 1W/3W LED for your specific application, consider factors such as the desired brightness, color temperature, and size and shape of the LED. With their many benefits and applications, high power 1W/3W LEDs are a practical and valuable lighting solution.
Our 1W/3W High Power LED is made by high temperature resistant Japanese glue and 99.99% pure gold wire welding. Available in full color spectrum ranging from Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Warm White, Positive White, Cool White colors. Our 1W/3W High Power LED is perfect for a variety of applications. Please feel free to contact us for samples or other inquiries.
More info: https://www.queendomlamp.com/products/high-power-1w-3w/