Grid Dog Lift Harness for Back Legs

by Lovepluspet Dog Brace & Wheelchair

For dogs with DM, Injury recovery, the LOVEPLUSPET Grid Dog Lift Harness for Back Legs is designed for them.
It helps dogs get into and out of cars, walk up and down stairs, and recover from injuries.
This product is designed for medium and large dogs.
For maximum comfort, the mesh lineage is durable.


Introducing Lovepluspet’s Grid Dog Lift Harness
LOVEPLUSPET’s Grid Dog Lift Harness for Back Legs provides heavy-duty lifting support while saving your back. This harness helps dogs with poor mobility or recovering from surgery or injury get in and out of a car, up and down stairs, outside to go potty, or onto beds. With detailed parts, the harness is more convenient and comfortable to use.

A suitable environment

Myelopathy with degenerative changes (DM)
Hind leg movement is difficult
Injuries that are recovering
Recovering from surgery
As a result of arthritis, mobility issues occur
Tears of the ACL can result in mobility problems

Cloth made from soft cotton
Mesh that is multi-layered
A polyester fabric
After donation, unfit sizes can be exchanged for free.

Measuring sizes

Below the price is the Size Guide with statistics.
For any questions about the size, please email us at [email protected].

Never lift a dog with a support harness; they are meant for supporting, not lifting!