Fordable Dog Wheelchairs For Dog Back Legs

by Crawlpaw Pet Products Company

The dog can rest while still leashed while wearing padded harnesses that can be detached from the wheelchair.
The adjustable frame and struts allow you to customize the width, length, and height of the kennel to meet the needs of your dog.
With removable foot straps, pets with paralyzed rear legs can use the wheelchair without being dragged or injured.
When storing or traveling, wheelchairs can be quickly and easily disassembled.
Helps injured or disabled pets stay mobile despite their limitations. Recommended by veterinary professionals worldwide.


The product name is Fordable Dog Wheelchairs for Dog Back Legs

Wheelchairs for dogs are part of the product category

The material is aluminum alloy

Breeds Recommended: Small to Medium Dogs

Injuries, surgeries, illnesses and aging pets can benefit from the use of dog wheelchairs.


It is heart-warming design: Pets will be troubled by inconvenient movement in life. Inability to exercise for a long period of time will reduce their confidence and make them unhappy. Our pet wheelchair is designed to help pets with injured or disabled hind legs walk, run, and play freely again.

You can adjust the height, width, and length of this pet wheelchair so it can fit your pet within a certain range. It is easy to assemble, you can install it yourself, and it is foldable for easy transportation. It is very convenient to hang the tow rope on the buckle to avoid losing pets.

Lightweight and strong, high hardness and light weight, ensuring the overall strength of the wheelchair, and the strap material is soft and won’t hurt pets.

Pets with disabled hind legs but normal front legs cannot use two-wheel folding wheelchairs. You should take your dog to the veterinary hospital immediately if it is seriously injured. Wishing your pet a speedy recovery!

Please measure your dog before purchasing. We consider our pets to be members of our family. Please don’t give up if they are disabled. It may be possible for them to live a second life with a wheelchair. Wishing your pet a speedy recovery!