Extra Supportive Dog Carpal Brace

by Lovepluspet Dog Brace & Wheelchair

An ideal solution for weak or painful wrists, sprains on the front leg, or limping.
Non-bendable metal strips provide powerful support for fractured legs and rectify them
Suitable for sprains, bendable metal strips are more comfortable to wear.
Sport fabrics with perforated linings are more breathable
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The Extra Supportive Dog Carpal Brace from Lovepluspet
LOVEPLUSPET Dog Carpal Brace designed for dogs with weak or painful wrists, or those who limp on their front legs. A soft fabric wrapped with metal strips supports the leg and is also comfortable. Perforated lining for added breathability. Professional sports fabrics. Reflective straps wrap the products, making them safe for your dog.

Conditions that are suitable

Wrists that are weak or painful
The front leg is limping
The fracture
Inflammatory arthritis
An injury to the ligaments
The material

Neoprene fabric with a thickness of 5mm
The Velcro is made from strong, sticky nylon
Metal strips with powerful power
Unfit sizes can be exchanged free of charge after donation.

Measuring the size

You can find all the statistics in the Size Guide below the price.
Please contact us if you have any questions about the size: [email protected]
What you need to know

Your pet may need up to two weeks to fully accept the brace
Wear the brace for 30 minutes a day, increasing by 30 minutes every day, for a maximum of 12 hours
Wear your brace according to your veterinarian’s instructions
When your animal sleeps, remove the brace
Make sure your pet doesn’t have any skin irritations. You should contact your veterinarian if any of these symptoms are present
You should clean the skin and fur that come into contact with the brace as well as the brace itself
Make sure your brace is in good condition by inspecting it regularly
Take note

Allow the skin to breathe by removing the brace 2-3 times a day
Keep your dog in a cage or leave them unattended without the stand
Allow the wound to breathe while resting at night by removing the brace